Het artikel in het boek Eurotopia

Anno 2004 the first Dutch translated book by Vladimir Megré, entitled 'Anastasia', appears. The content inspires many readers to accomplish this vision and to meet each other in real life. This, among other things for the realization of the 'family domains villages' mentioned in the books.

In the years that followed, this idea, supported by a group of young and older people that changed of composition with time, was taken up by the local authorities in the Northeast of the Netherlands. Since 2011, the municipality Borger Odoorn basically facilitates the arrival of a new village according to the ideas of Anastasia.

Some of the initiators are now settling in the North to make all necessary preparations for the creation of an 'Anastasia village'. At a distance of ten kilometres from the possible region where the village will arise, the core group will meet in Musselkanaal. The ideology of Anastasia is shared here in theory and practice with the local population and the aspiring residents of the family hectares of the village. “Our neighbours renovate their residential area and we as core group are invited and involved in giving a new interpretation of public spaces in a natural way.”

December 2018, view from our window towards the plot of land open for development in front of our meeting point.